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University of California at Los Angeles, MFA
Yale University, BA

Puja has over a decade of tutoring and teaching experience. She specializes in SAT, ACT and all levels of the ISEE. She enjoys teaching students content as well as the tricks and tools to ace standardized tests.  She has worked with students of all ages and abilities, and has taught courses in English, Writing, Math, and Science at the university level. What she loves most about tutoring is seeing students become more self-reliant, confident, and excited about learning


Hunter College, MA Ed
Emory University, BA
Stephanie grew up in Los Angeles and attended Brentwood School until her family moved to London. After college, Stephanie taught 9th grade at a charter school in New York City as a Teach for America Corps Member. She is now teaching Middle and High School-level Mathematics at the Mirman School in Los Angeles. Stephanie specializes in all levels of math up to and including Calc/bc. She is passionate about individualizing instruction so that learning is accessible to all students. Stephanie additionally works on study skills, organization, and discussion throughout her sessions.


Harvard, BA, English

Matthew is a top tutor who has been teaching test prep for over 10 years. In addition to his excellent tutoring skills for SAT and ACT, he has developed and taught curriculums for both home-schoolers and learning service companies.  Matt has also worked as a college advisor for high school students applying to college.  Since 2010, Matthew has tutored hundreds of students from Mar Vista to Alhambra.  He has taught in a preparatory academy and a prestigious Santa Monica high school.  Matthew has worked with every level of student, including those with learning disabilities as varied as dyscalculia, ADD, and dyspraxia. 


Oregon State University, PhD, chemistry
University of Kansas, MA, mathematics
University of Kansas, BA, chem., summa cum laude
University of Kansas, BS, math, summa cum laude

Nancy is a well-regarded private tutor with a Doctorate in chemistry and a Masters in mathematics. She has the ability to put the student at ease so they may discover the joy of learning.  Nancy encourages critical thinking, mental math, curiosity, and creativity in each student. She has taught math from 3rd grade to college and finds that using real-life examples is one of the best ways to help students get a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts. She especially enjoys teaching elementary math, algebra, geometry and trigonometry and looks forward to watching her students grow and shine in society.


University of Washington, MS, Organic Chemistry
University of Massachusetts, BS, Chemistry, magna cum laude

Richard has worked with a wide variety of students, including gifted students and those with learning differences, on a wide array of subjects from 7th grade algebra to graduate level organic chemistry. His mastery of all science and math topics is only rivaled by his talent for conveying difficult concepts into easy-to-understand language using highly customized techniques and patience.  


Oberlin University, MA 
UCLA, BA, Literature and Pre-Med, cum laude
Phi Beta Kappa

Theodosia has been tutoring for over 8 years and brings a wealth of experience to every subject she teaches.  Equally talented in the arts, English and science, Theodosia has conducted research in the neuroscience of creativity, ADHD, and neuropsychiologyHer academic prowess includes chemistry, biology, math, algebra, geometry, AP calc, as well as English and Spanish. Theodosia also includes study skills and organization for her students in each session. 


Loyola Marymount University - Medical Post Baccalaureate
University of San Diego -BA, English/Business

Will is an award winning tutor having been awarded the Outstanding Tutor Service Award YALLA by California Senator Joel Anderson. He joins Academic Achievers with stellar recommendations and has worked with students with moderate to severe deficits in reading and writing.  Will tutors English, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Biology as well as mathematics and all levels of the ISEE.  He is currently applying to medical school.


Princeton University, BA, cum laude
California State University, Computer Engineering, MS

George holds an A.B. with honors from Princeton University and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Computer Engineering at Cal State Northridge. At Princeton, he studied Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Swahili. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, he worked as an SAT/ACT, calculus, and physics tutor in Berkeley, where he helped students achieve SAT score increases as high as 650 points. George tutors all math subjects as well as AP Physics.


University of Southern California, PhD, Engineering (in progress)
Boston University, BA, Physics
Boston University, BA, Environmental Analysis & Policy

While Lee is completing her PhD at the University of Southern California, she is also a physics teacher at Marlborough High School.  At USC, she was the teaching assistant for the introductory materials science course in the School of Engineering.  While at Boston University, Lee tutored college-level introductory physics for three years. She is very patient with her students, and will try different teaching strategies with them until they truly understand the concepts.


Seattle University, M Ed
Western Washington University, BA

Michael has a Masters in teaching and has taught middle school for more than ten years.  He has a passion for reading and writing, and specializes in essay writing techniques and research skills along with novel studies and U.S. and world history.  Michael works to address each student's learning style and organizational skills to engage the student in learning and study proficiencies.  Michael lives in Santa Monica and has stellar reviews from his past students.


Harvard University, BA

Immediately after graduating from Harvard, Adrienne went to teach for an elite private program in Seoul, South Korea, preparing students for admission into top English speaking boarding schools and universities. After traveling the world, Adrienne returned to the US and to work with students preparing for the ISEE and SSAT.  Warm, enthusiastic, and playful, she loves to make test prep fun for her students based on their unique needs and learning styles. Adrienne specializes in teaching AP US History, AP Euro History, writing and math.


Queens College, MA, Statistics
SUNY Oneonta, BS, Anthropology

Michelle is a talented tutor who has helped students excel in New York, San Diego and Los Angeles.  She has also been an an Adjunct Professor at Queens College. Michelle has helped students gain confidence in themselves and raise their test scores. She has worked as an academic tutor, educational therapist, and learning specialist. Michelle tutors English, analytical essay writing, math analysis, algebra, and geometry. She has taught college math and advanced statistics. Michelle is currently applying to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology.


New York University, BA, Mathematics
Bucknell University, Electrical Engineering

David is passionate about mathematics and strives to teach students in a way that makes the subject not only understandable, but engaging as well. He is a seasoned math tutor in subjects ranging from algebra I to AP statistics and calculus to college level topics like linear algebra and formal logic and proofs. He is also an engineer by trade, specializing in embedded computer programming.


Harvard College, AB

As an undergraduate at Harvard, Gabriel was selected to write a creative thesis in playwriting, and he continues to see his work staged at small theaters around the country. Few challenges animate him more than teaching students how to simplify seemingly difficult problems. Gabriel particularly empathizes with students who struggle with test anxiety, and he enjoys helping them develop strategies to overcome it.  Gabriel tutors writing, history, economics and study skills.


UCLA, PhD, Hispanic Literature
UCLA, BA, Spanish Literature
Pontiphical Catholic University, Lima, Peru

Jesus has taught Spanish at Santa Monica College and New West Charter Middle School.  He has worked with both students and adults and has been a highly requested private instructor for over ten years.  Among his considerable credentials, Jesus speaks English, Spanish, French and Italian.


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