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Homeschool in Your Home or in Our Facility

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Academic Achievers supports students who need flexible schedules, individualized attention, and/or accelerated learning whether it be in your home or in our Santa Monica facility. 

If a traditional school is not right for your child at this time, homeschooling may be the perfect option. Whether your child is transitioning in or out of private school,  has professional/personal pursuits, needs more individualized emotional support, or is highly gifted or 2e, our homeschool program is the answer.
Academic Achievers can assess your child and coordinate a personalized curriculum to complete your child's current grade level and beyond.

Our teachers are fully credentialed, our facility is a verified K-12 Home School, and our curriculum is certified and can be adapted to your child's particular needs. Our program closely follows California State Standards, Common Core Curriculum, including Project/Interest Based Learning.  We have also utilized the Laurel Springs, Inspire Charter and LAUSD K-12 on-line curriculums to assist your child for either individual classes or complete courses.

Our students work one-on-one with their primary teacher and are provided with a flexible schedule and extracurriculuars as needed including physical fitness, foreign language, art, music and drama. 


Other specialists available in our homeschool program, and all programs, include study skills and executive functioning, private school admissions consultants, educational therapists, speech and langauge specialists, occupational therapists, as well as child psychologists. Our pleasant environment and supportive staff have had the opportunity to educate many students who needed a homeschool assignment for the short or the long term.

Please contact us for a personal meeting to assess whether Academic Achievers is the right place for your child.

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