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Dr. Lauren

Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, Ph D
Indiana/Purdue University, MS, MT
Pacifica Graduate University, MA
University of Hawaii, BA

Lauren Rubin Ph D has taught SAT/ACT and ISEE prep for over 25 years.  She has had exceptional and consistent success increasing student scores, and personalizes her instruction for each student's strength and weaknesses.  She was a Master tutor for a national company before owning her own test prep company in Oregon.  Dr. Lauren has two Masters degrees and a PhD from one of the top 35 schools in the world. Last fall, 2 of Dr. Lauren's students received perfect scores on the ISEE.


Princeton University, BA English, cum laude

Scott went to Princeton with an almost perfect SAT score and has been tutoring students to do the same ever since.  He has been working directly with students across multiple disciplines, including Korean-American high school students, for almost 10 years.  In addition to being a highly experienced and highly requested SAT and ACT test prep tutor, he can also help his students with their application essays. Scott also tutors writing composition and grammar, reading analysis, study skills, time management, and ISEE.  Scott has an excellent track record of improving student scores and his students typically place in the top schools in the country.


University of California at Los Angeles, MFA
Yale University, BA

Puja has over a decade of tutoring and teaching experience. She specializes in SAT, ACT and all levels of the ISEE. She enjoys teaching students content as well as the tricks and tools to ace standardized tests.  She has worked with students of all ages and abilities, and has taught courses in English, Writing, Math, and Science at the university level. What she loves most about tutoring is seeing students become more self-reliant, confident, and excited about learning


Queens College, MA, Statistics
SUNY Oneonta, BS, Anthropology

Michelle is a talented test prep professional who has helped students excel in New York, San Diego and Los Angeles.  She has also been an an Adjunct Professor at Queens College. Michelle has helped students gain confidence in themselves and raise their test scores. She has worked as an academic tutor, educational therapist, and learning specialist. As well as SAT, ACT, and ISEE, Michelle also tutors English, Analytical Essay Writing, and Psychology. She has taught college math and advanced statistics. Michelle is currently applying to PhD programs in Clinical Psychology.


Harvard, BA, English

Matthew is a top tutor who has been teaching test prep for over 10 years. In addition to his excellent tutoring skills for SAT and ACT, he has developed and taught curriculums for both home-schoolers and learning service companies.  Matt has also worked as a college advisor for high school students applying to college.  Since 2010, Matthew has tutored hundreds of students from Mar Vista to Alhambra.  He has taught in a preparatory academy and a prestigious Santa Monica high school.  Matthew has worked with every level of student, including those with learning disabilities as varied as dyscalculia, ADD, and dyspraxia. 


University of Edinburgh, MS, MD
Oxford University, MS
Harvard University, BA

Prior to medical school, Greta worked as the head of the literacy program at a well-established westside tutoring company. She has served as an academic dean at the Johns Hopkins summer CTY program and worked as an assistant teacher at Canyon Charter Elementary School.  Greta loves teaching and especially enjoys helping students achieve their academic potential and feel confident in their test-taking abilities. She specializes in all levels of the ISEE. Last year, almost all of Greta's ISEE students were admitted into their first choice schools. She is also preparing for her medical residencies in the US.


University of Rochester, BS, Economics

Arthur has been one of New York's top test prep specialists. He brings seven years of teaching experience, scored in the 99th percentile in the ACT and the SAT, and delivers superior results. He has been a Master tutor for several of New York’s top companies. He was also an economics and statistics teaching assistant at the University of Rochester and has lectured on the fundamentals of the SAT.  Arthur is particularly adept at tutoring test prep via on-line platform.


University of Washington, MS, Organic Chemistry
University of Massachusetts, BS, Chemistry, magna cum laude

Richard has worked with a wide variety of students, including gifted students and those with learning differences, on a wide array of subjects from 7th grade algebra to graduate level organic chemistry. His mastery of all science and math topics is only rivaled by his talent for conveying difficult concepts into easy-to-understand language using highly customized techniques and patience. Richard has tutored dozens of students for the ACT and SAT with exceptional results.


University of Pennsylvania Law School, J.D.
Stanford University, BA, cum laude

After graduating from law school, Mima quickly realized that her heart was in teaching not litigation, and is currently pursuing her teaching credential. Mima's sunny, positive demeanor is an inpiration for her students.  She tutors the SAT and the ACT as well as AP English Language and Composition, AP Literature, AP US Government and Politics, AP World History, AP United States History, AP European History, and AP Spanish. She has also worked in Stanford's Admissions Office and has helped dozens of students with their college essays.


Harvard College, BA, English

Gabriel is an exceptional SAT, ACT and ISEE tutor who takes great pride in guiding his students to understanding both the content and the strategies.  He particularly empathizes with students who struggle with test anxiety and he enjoys helping them develop strategies to overcome it.   Gabriel's test prep students have placed in the top schools in LA and the country. He is a senior tutor and has received the highest recommendations from our parents and students. Gabe is a published playwright and his plays are performed in small theaters all over the country.


USC Keck School of Medicine, MD (in progress)
Loyola Marymount, Medical Post Baccalaureate
University of Southern California, BA, Neuroscience
University of Southern California, BA, Philosophy

Daniel scored in the upper 99th percentile in the SAT as well as the MCAT and guides his students with exceptional test-taking skills .  He helps students to think critically and independently. Daniel develops individual learning plans based on individual and specific needs.  He has worked with high school students for writing and math and has assisted in the development of SAT course curriculum and materials.  Daniel tutors honors and AP biology, math, chemistry and physics. Daniel is an excellent test prep and subject coach and receives rave reviews from all his students.


Harvard University, BA

Immediately after graduating from Harvard, Adrienne went to teach for an elite private program in Seoul, South Korea, preparing students for admission into top English speaking boarding schools and universities. After traveling the world, Adrienne returned to the US and to work with students preparing for the ISEE and SSAT.  Warm, enthusiastic, and playful, she loves to make test prep fun for her students based on their unique needs and learning styles. Adrienne has been tutoring ISEE test prep for 7 years.


Boston College, BA, magna cum laude

Katie comes to us with a great deal of experience in test prep from some of the most prestigious tutoring agencies in New York.  She has tutored for ten years for the GRE, Advanced Placement, SAT, PSAT, ACT, and all levels of the ISEE.  Katie is also an accomplished subject tutor in math, as well as writing and reading analysis.  She has also taught for the Fordham Preparatory School in New York.


USC, MBA (in progress)
Carleton College, BA, magna cum laude

Dan has tutored students of every level for the SAT, ACT, and the ISEE for over 10 years. He practices an empathetic, student-oriented approach utilizing both traditional and non-traditional teaching methods.  Dan's likable, light hearted style has been successful in helping students through anxiety while producing excellent test results. Dan is also Co-Director of Academic Achievers' Test Prep program and co-writer of their ISEE materials.


USC Marshall School of Business, MBA (in progress)
Harvard College, BA, cum laude

Sam is an SAT/ACT tutor with Academic Achievers. He graduated from Harvard College with high honors after studying economics, political science, and history. In 2013, he served as a research fellow at King's College, University of Cambridge. Sam has taught a variety of subjects, including seminars on geopolitics at Yale University's Ivy Scholars summer program for promising high schoolers. A native of Los Angeles, where he attended Harvard-Westlake School, Sam is currently in the MBA program at USC. He scored in the 99th percentile in the SAT, GRE, and GMAT, and he tutors test prep.


Princeton University, BA, cum laude
California State University, Computer Engineering, MS

George holds an A.B. with honors from Princeton University and is currently pursuing an M.S. in Computer Engineering at Cal State Northridge. At Princeton, he studied Mandarin Chinese, Russian, and Swahili. Prior to moving to Los Angeles, he worked as an SAT/ACT, calculus, and physics tutor in Berkeley, where he helped students achieve SAT score increases as high as 650 points. George tutors all math subjects as well as AP Physics.


University of Miami, BS, Psychology, magna cum laude
University of Miami, BA, Computer Science, magna cum laude

Rachel has been tutoring the SAT, ACT, ISEE and practically all levels of math since early 2009. She prides herself on tailoring her approach and curriculum to a student's temperament, learning style, and individual needs. She guides students through not only content but also test-taking strategies, bringing to the job a unique energy and patience that makes even the most reluctant students enthusiastic about their test prep.


UC Berkeley, BA, Sociology
UC Irvine, Multiple Subject Credential

Susan has been tutoring students of all ages for over 15 years, from pre-school through college, covering subjects ranging from phonics to college application essays.  She focuses on critical thinking and analytical skills, and is an expert with SAT/ACT/ISEE prep specializing in the verbal portions.  Susan is adept at adapting tutoring sessions to each student's needs and learning styles, and being young at heart.  She quickly builds rapport and establishes strong relationships with her students. Susan is also a Korean speaker and is passionate about teaching.


California State University, M. Ed.
California State University, BA
California Clear Teaching Credential

Kristen has been teaching and tutoring for almost 15 years.  She has home schooled, taught in high school, and taught ISEE/ACT/SAT test prep.  Kristen's Masters degree specializes in language and literacy. She is also a college admissions essay reader for UCLA.

Ilijaz (Irvine)

University of California at Irvine, PhD
San Francisco State University, MA
Santa Clara University, BA

Ilijaz is a philosophy teacher at UC Irvine and an experienced test prep and essay writing tutor. He has managed a team of 6 mentors as he oversaw over 60 SAT students.  Ilijaz also work with student in college counseling, application essay writing, study skill, time management and organization. He tutors ISEE, ACT, and SAT as well as geometry, algebra, and AP English.

Andrew (Redondo Beach)

USC, MA, Writing
Dartmouth, BA, English

Andrew is a Master Test Prep Tutor and previously the Head of Instruction for San Marino Academy.  He has taught all aspects of the SAT and ACT for over ten years.  As one of the most respected and successful test prep tutors in Los Angeles, Andrew also tutors SAT via Skype to students who live outside the LA area.  Andrew currently teaches other teachers to become skilled and effective test prep tutors, but will still accept private students as schedule permits.

Jenny (Pasadena)

University of Southern California, M Ed
University of California, Los Angeles, BA, English, summa cum laude
California State University, Northridge, Teaching Credential

Jenny is a talented teacher who uses humor and passion in her teaching.  She attended Flintridge Preparatory School and is familiar with the private schools curriculum.  Jennifer taught for LAUSD for 5 years and has experience with the gifted program and the Thinking Maps strategy.  Jennifer genuinely loves learning and teaching, and consistently brings warmth and creativity to her tutoring.  She is also an exceptional ISEE tutor.

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