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    The K-6 Private School Alternative

If a traditional one-size-fits-all school is not right for your child, our one-to-one private academy may be the perfect answer. Academic Achievers Academy is a unique private school that educates students one-to-one through interest-based individualized learning plans.

Our schedules are flexible, our lesson plans are customized, and our students' learning is individually paced. Whether your child has professional or personal pursuits, missed school due to illness or travel, needs emotional or academic support, highly gifted or 2e, our unique individualized private school will allow them to thrive.

Personalized Curriculum/Flexible Scheduling

Academic Achievers Academy provides Concierge Education. Your student will work from a personalized learning plan based on subject grade level assessments. Teachers systematically build on the student's knowledge with instructional scaffolding as they complete each level. Our one-on-one instruction allows for the ultimate differentiation in both content and process. Gifted students are encouraged to move through basic curriculum at their own pace so they may explore more tangential learning.
• Curriculum is designed for each student based on specific subject assessments by our curriculum specialist.

• Teaching and learning is personalized and addresses the distinct learning needs, pace, interests, and aspirations of the individual student.
• Learning is proficiency-based. Students advance in their education when they demonstrate they have assimilated the knowledge and skills they are expected to master.
• All class work is monitored, maintained, and accounted for to the State of California Department of Education.
• Students have the flexibility to learn outside of traditional classroom structure and traditional fixed schedule.
• Students are given opportunities to make choices about their own learning and contribute to the design of learning experiences.
• Extra subjects such as language, coding, and robotics can be added on request.

Our teachers have Masters degrees, teaching credentials, and average 7 years of teaching experience. Our facility is a verified K-12 private school and our curriculum is individually based on your child's interests and needs. While following the Common Core Curriculum, and STEM Project/Interest Based Learning, your student's individual curriculum will be perfectly customized for them. Your student will thrive with focused one-on-one academic sessions in a supportive and nurturing environment. We also offer small group classes for extra-curriculars.

Teachers augment lesson plans with hands-on projects and presentations. All sessions incorporate study skills, executive functioning, life skills, organization and time management.  Students can share snack break and community time with the other students.  If requested, we will arrange on-premise sessions with private school consultants, educational therapists, or speech and language specialists. We also offer afternoon electives and extra-curriculars, including physical fitness, foreign language, art, robotics and coding.

Our pleasant environment and supportive staff have had the opportunity to educate many students who needed a homeschool option for the short or long term.

Please contact us for a complimentary meeting to discuss whether Academic Achievers Academy is the right school for you. (310) 883-5810



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