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  According to a 2007 study, by the University of California, Irvine, children who enter kindergarten with an understanding of basic math concepts, were more likely to be succeeding in math and reading by grade 5.[1]  In addition, researchers say a strong grasp of concepts in math and sciences are critical to long-term student success. Students are able to be more successful in higher-level math and science courses.

 Academic Achievers created KinderPrep® in 2009, a program for pre-school through kindergarten. KinderPrep is play-based, and academically oriented and proves learning can be fun. Master teachers deliver Project Based Learning to client homes focusing on literacy and math basicsincluding STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art,math). The program incorporates math, science, and early literacy activities that help children to function in ‘three dimensions’. The KinderPrep program fosters problem solving and increased awareness of the world around them. Knowing that children are fascinated with how things work, hands-on activities are an integral part of the the KinderPrep curriculum, giving children the chance to create, design, explore and imagine in fun ways at their home or at Academic Achiever's KinderPrep Camp.

[1] Duncan, G., Dowsett, C., Claessens, A., Magnuson, K., Huston, A., Klebanov, P., . . . Japel, C. (2007). School readiness and later achievement. Developmental Psychology, 43(6), 1428–1446.

Academic Achievers' KinderPrep program was built around the California Standards, Common CORE Curriculum, and the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) framework.  At One-on-One KinderPrep or KinderPrep Camp, each 4, 5, or 6 year old will learn academic basics as well as higher order thinking.  Children learn phonics, writing, basic math, outdoor science experiments, small and large motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and so much more.  Last year the camp included beginning Chinese.

There is no better time to foster a child's academic success than pre-k. The KinderPrep program is designed to ensure that children start school confident, secure, and eager to learn more. Each child has a developmental assessment and works one-on-one with a master's level child development educator or credentialed kindergarten teacher. Curriculums are individually customized program to enrich the transition from pre-school to kindergarten. Through guided play, children are introduced to reading, writing, math and science, encouraging curiosity every step of the way. "Learning to Love Learning" is a gift that will last a lifetime.

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