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Strong scholars, high scores, and great schools: academic achievement is our passion. At Academic Achievers, our mission is to give students the tools to thrive in school, to conquer exams and to love learning every day of their lives.

Academic Achievers Educational Services offers one-on-one, in-home private tutoring for pre-K through college applications including award-winning test prep and educational specialists. Academic Achievers Academy is an in-facility homeschool for grades K-6.

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Pre-K to College Tutoring, Test Prep & Support

KinderPrep & Elementary

KinderPrep & Elementary

Set up your child up for success with our acclaimed KinderPrep program, a play-based, academically oriented experience that teaches early literacy, beginning math and science. Best of all, KinderPrep’s Master teachers come to you, delivering project based learning to your child, in your own home with one-on-one tutoring…or in small groups at our Summer KinderPrep Camp! KinderPrep >

If your child is already in the elementary grades, make sure to keep them on track—learning to love learning—with our Early Elementary Subject Tutoring. Our Master teachers will help keep them from falling behind or getting bored during their critical early years. And they’ll develop key study and organizational skills to sustain their progress. 

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Subject Tutoring & Test Prep

Subject Tutoring & Test Prep

For high schoolers, sometimes “that one class” can color their entire experience of school, one challenging subject or frustrating teacher threating to take the whole train off the rails. Other times, the sheer volume of challenges in a teen’s life overwhelms them. Our high school Subject Tutoring program is your teen’s motivating boost and safety net, giving them the subject matter support and wise mentoring needed to get them through tough patches—and to champion them in their victories. Test Prep Tutors >

For better or worse, fairly or not, standardized tests like the ACT, SAT and ISEE can present a major obstacle—or a major opportunity—on your child’s academic journey. For those who test well naturally, our Test Prep program provides expert support to fine tune for the “big day”. And for those who struggle with testing, our program can demystify the tests, transforming them from impending disasters to surmountable tasks. One-on-one, our tutors will help your teen bring their best self to the test.


Achievers Academy

Achievers Academy

There are a thousand reasons why traditional elementary schools might not be a great fit. But your child is one of a kind. Why not choose an elementary school that knows it? Achievers Academy brings your child the very best of one-on-one academics, customizing every lesson, every day. You can use the Academy for individual subjects, for all academic classes or, for a comprehensive experience with small group enrichment activities as well, choose our Full Day program! 

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There are a thousand reasons why traditional elementary school programs might not be a good fit. But your child is one of a kind.

Academic Achievers offers an alternative: Academic Achievers Academy, a groundbreaking option for students in grades K-6. Enjoy extreme flexibility, custom-tailored academics, a safe and nurturing setting, and all the features of a comprehensive program.

A school that schedules around your family.