Navigating the academic world can be challenging. Sometimes you may need a little extra assistance. Whether you need an Academic Coach, Educational Therapist, Private School Admissions Consultant, or College Counselor --we’re here to help.

Meet Our Staff

Lisa Marfisi

Private School Consultant

University of Pennsylvania, BA
Philadelphia College, BS

Lisa has been a professional in education in Los Angeles since 1991. She was the Director of Admissions K-12 at Wildwood School and Echo Horizon School. She also worked at the Archer School for Girls, PS #1, and Westside Neighborhood School. Lisa’s experience has given her an understanding of what schools are looking for and enables her to help parents navigate the admissions process from an insider’s point of view. Lisa has been helping families with the admission process for 19 years. She is a former steering committee member of ESAD (Elementary School Admission Directors).

Dr. Lauren Rubin

Test Prep Specialist

Monash University, Melbourne Australia, Ph D
Indiana/Purdue University, MSMT
Pacifica Graduate Institute, MA Counseling
University of Hawaii, BA summa cum laude

Dr. Rubin has assisted hundreds of students to succeed in test prep, writing, and academic support over the last 20 years. Through personalized instruction, catered specifically to the student's strengths and weaknesses, Dr. Rubin helps students achieve academic excellence. She designs customized test preparation for students studying the ACT/SAT, ISEE/SSAT, GRE and TOEFL tests and has excellent results. Dr. Rubin works with a variety of students from different countries, backgrounds, and ability levels, catering her study plans to ensure each student reaches their highest ability. Dr. Rubin has led the test prep department for a national company in Medford Oregon, owned her own SAT test prep center, and headed Academic Achievers' test prep department since 2014.

Rob Stone

Academic Coach

Harvard University, MA
Colorado College, BA

Rob has been working as a teacher/advisor for over 20 years. He has trained teachers, published articles in education journals, presented at educational conferences and lectured at graduate schools of education. His primary focus has been middle school students, especially in developing skills and building work habits to prepare them for high school. Rob works with students on meta-cognition and understanding their own learning, building effective study habits, time management and organization skills and executive functioning issues. He helps to empower students in a direct, but compassionate way, and serves as a sounding board and advisor to help parents understand their child’s learning, strengths and shortcomings, and school experience through an academic and social-emotional lens.

Dr. Bibi Pirayesh

Educational Therapist

Loyola Marymount University, PhD Ed
Columbia University, MA, Psych.
University of Pittsburgh, BA, Neuroscience

Bibi is an Educational Therapist and Learning Specialist with over 10 years of professional experience. She provides one-on-one services for students with a wide range of learning disabilities and differences including dyslexia, ADHD, Pervasive Development Disorders as well as the development of individualized educational and treatment plans. Dr. Pirayesh also offers a Cognitive Brain Training Program which addresses Attention, Memory, Logic/Reasoning, and Processing to ensure students are working at the top of their abilities.

Jenny Marshall

Educational Therapist

California State University Northridge, Educational Therapy Certificate
Columbia University, MA Special Education Pre-12th grade
University of Kentucky, BA Learning and Behavior disorders

Jenny is a popular Educational Therapist here in Los Angeles and has been in practice for twelve years. In her work, she is able to discover the best way a child learns and present alternative, creative, novel, and attention-grabbing curriculum that remediates and enriches. Jenny has extensive experience with issues such as ADHD; autism and spectrum disorders; school and test anxiety; sensory processing; dyslexia; dyscalculia/math; behavior; reading/reading comprehension; writing; executive functioning; giftedness and twice-exceptional; processing and memory. Jenny is well-liked by her students and believes that all children can grow, learn, and amaze!

Kris Smith

Reading Specialist

University of Denver, M.Ed.
Emory University, MBA
University of Michigan, BFA
CA Reading & Literacy Credential
CA Specialist Moderate to Severe Credential
CA Primary Multiple Subject Credential
CA Cross-cultural Language & Academic Development Certificate

Kris currently works for the Los Angeles Unified School District as a special education teacher. However, she has taught every level of education from elementary, middle school, high school, community college and university providing her a unique perspective. As a special education teacher, she currently instructs English to students with an array of disabilities and manages a caseload of students. She is responsible for all individual education plan activities including the development of student IEP present levels of performance, goals and accommodations, management, meeting facilitation, and assessment. Through education and certification, Kris utilizes her literacy expertise to determine the source of reading challenges and provides systematic literacy instruction bolstering student phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills. Additionally, she is a member of the LAUSD University Reading & Literacy Added Teacher Credentialing Program instructional faculty.

Dena Morley

Ed. Therapist

California State University Northridge, ET
Loyola Marymount University, MA Ed.
Rollins College, BA

Dena has been a Certified Educational Therapist since 2016. For the last 7 years she has also been a reading and math specialist at Park Century School in Culver City. Dena specialized in working with students with varied learning differences such as Dyslexia, Visual and Auditory Processing Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Executive Functioning Disorder, Dysgraphia and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In the Reading Lab at Loyola Marymount, she helped early elementary students diagnosed with ADHD improve their reading skills in areas such as phonics, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary and writing.