High School Tutors


For high school students, sometimes “that one class” or tutoring sessions can color their entire experience of school, one challenging subject, or frustrating teacher threatening to take the whole train off the rails. Since grades count toward college application starting in the 9th grade, it’s important to stay on top of that GPA. The Academic Achievers and our Homeschool Tutors in Santa Monica is a champion learning center together with our high school subject tutoring program with the help of our science tutors in Los Angeles CA, it will be your teen’s motivating boost and safety net, giving them the subject matter support of tutoring services and wise mentoring needed to get them through tough patches—and to champion them in their victories in all subject areas. Our Math Tutors in Santa Monica will also guide your child in every step. Whether just starting a course of bachelor's degree or carrying multiple AP classes, we’re here to help!


Meet Our Staff


University of Southern California, M Ed.
Rutgers University School of Law, JD
Rutgers College, BA

After completing his JD, Matt realized his passion was not in the law but in education, and he returned to school to receive a Masters in Mathematics Education. He was awarded a Math for America Teaching Fellowship and taught high school and middle school mathematics in Los Angeles. Matt's patience, compassion, and ability to make complex subjects understandable makes him a popular tutor for math subjects, as well as for chemistry, physics, computer science, and writing. Additionally, Matt has many years of experience as a test preparation tutor and has helped students maximize their scores on tests such as the SAT, ACT, ISEE, HSPT, GRE, and the GMAT.


University of Southern California, MA Ed.
University of California at Los Angeles, BA

Jessica is a dedicated and socially-conscience teacher who has a life-long interest in helping students of all demographics. She teaches Spanish to all levels and has taught English literature in high school and middle school. Jessica has taught religion to young children and was a creative writing teacher at both Marquez and Palisades Elementary Schools. Jessica has worked with special needs students and has credentials in SPED and STEAM. She is fluent in English and Spanish and has a working knowledge of Russian, Mandarin, and French.


University of California at Los Angeles, current
University of Pennsylvania, post-baccalaureate
Drexel University, BA

Julia has studied at Drexel University and UPenn, and is currently continuing her medical research studies at UCLA. She has tutored students from elementary school through high school in reading comprehension, math, and writing. A native Russian speaker from Ukraine, she is also fluent in Spanish and has studied at the Universidad de Latina and Clinica Biblica. Julia is also a computer programmer. She tutors algebra 1 and 2, geometry, physics, chemistry, and biology, and English. Julia is also one of our top test prep tutors and prepares students for the ISEE, SAT, and ACT.


North Dakota State University, B.S.

Zachary has spent over 8 years helping students reach their academic and college admissions exam goals. He has individually tutored hundreds of students and has also led numerous exam prep classroom courses from the ISEE, HSPT, ACT, or SAT. Pairing a wealth of tutoring experience with a passion for teaching and test prep, his goal during each lesson is for your student to feel both challenged and supported. Employing anecdotes, analogies, and alliterations, he focuses on building up fundamental skills while also getting students to speak the language of the test. Zachary has had students net a perfect score in every section of the ACT and SAT, has helped students raise their letter grades multiple grade values, and helped students gain acceptance to some of the world’s most selective universities.


University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, BA

Sarah has been tutoring students in math and science since 2015. She holds degrees in Statistics and Math from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor where she also worked as the teaching assistant for the Introductory Math course. Sarah is fun, personable and knowledgeable and she differentiates her teaching to suit each student’s individual needs. She has worked with gifted students as well as students with ADHD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, mild autism, and dysgraphia. Sarahalso addresses students’ study habits and performance anxiety, supports her students with positive reinforcement and strengthens their foundational skills. Sarah tutors for ACT and SAT as well as AP Math and Statistics.

Zoe B.

Wesleyan University, BA

Zoe attended college at Wesleyan University, where she studied writing with a focus on teaching writing to students of all ages and educational backgrounds. Since moving to Los Angeles, Zoe has worked as a professional screenwriter as well as a high-level writing and test prep tutor, in addition to writing tests and creating educational content for students. Zoe has also trained extensively with top-level behaviorists to help students with learning differences, from learning disabilities such as dyslexia to behavioral disabilities such as autism. Energetic, bubbly, and upbeat, Zoe believes that developing writing skills should be fun, and her students always enjoy themselves throughout their educational journeys!


Columbia University, BA
Harvard University, Teaching Credential

Christina was born and raised in New York City, where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from Columbia University. She holds a Higher Education Teaching Certificate from The Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning at Harvard University. She has served as a U.S. Ambassador to Education Abroad while studying in Paris. An educator for over 10 years, Christina is passionate about helping students excel academically and personally. She believes interdisciplinary development is essential to maximizing creative thinking, reading, and writing skills allowing students to feel accomplished. She believes the most effective learning strategies are those that are both challenging and fun.


University of California, Los Angeles, BS

Mehtab has a degree in Pure Mathematics and graduate-level training in statistics, measure/probability, and matrix theory. He has taught high school Mathematics and Science classes and has tutored students in Math, Science, English, and French. Mehtab has prepared students for AP, SAT, LSAT and GRE. He is also available to tutor Biology, Chemistry, Physiology, and Anatomy. Mehtab is currently applying to medical school.


Illinois State University, B.S., Elementary Education (K-9)
Multi-Subject 4-8 and ELAR 8-12 Teaching Credential

Since 2008, Matthew has been a professional educator across elementary and high school. He's deeply invested in his students, not just as academics but as people. His ability to foster student-teacher relationships catalyzes dynamic growth among pupils—while he understands pedagogical logistics, he takes a deep interest in harnessing student mindfulness and independence. Matthew has taught and tutored grades K-12 for over 14 years. He is also an elementary homeschool teacher. Matthew understands teaching is both a science and an art and utilizes every opportunity to incorporate creativity and critical thinking. His students have described him as warm, gifted, inspirational, and very, very random!

Jessica R.

California State University, MS, Science Statistics
California State University, BS, Biology and Chemistry

Jessica's bachelor's degree is in Biochemistry with a Biophysics minor and her Master’s is in Science Statistics. She tutors Biology, Physics, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus AB & BC, College Calculus 1-Calculus 3, Differential Equations, Calculus-based (and Non-calculus based) Statistics, and other advanced math courses. Jessica has been a graduate teaching assistant for undergraduate applied research programs in the U.S. and abroad. She teaches students of all ages and education levels (including students in PhD programs) and is an experienced teacher working with students with learning differences. Jessica has worked with students preparing for the math section of the GRE and CBEST. She also presents workshops on time management, note-taking, and test-taking skills. Jessica love to help students learn by helping them identify and learn the patterns in their course material. She has a passion for using various methods to break difficult concepts down for students and to help them excel in their courses.


Loyola Marymount University, MA
University of Maryland, BS
CA Teaching Credential

Audrey is the Lead Teacher and Educational Math Specialist for a Los Angeles Charter School. She was selected from approx. 45,000 applicants to become a Corps Member teaching under-represented youth and 100% of her students improved at least one grade level. Audrey is a member of Teach for America and actively engages in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) as well as CLR (Culturally Responsive Linguistics) training. She works with Green Dot Public Schools on their Disciplinary Review Board. Audrey was awarded "Rookie Teacher of the Year".